Documents Needed

Documents Purchase Refinance
Identification Documents
Driver's License Yes Yes
Social Security Card
Income Documents
Pay Stubs for 2 recent pay periods Yes Yes*
Last two years - W2 forms, 1099's
Last two years - 1040 (Personal Federal Tax Returns) with all supporting schedules.
Self Employed
Current year's Year to date Profit and Loss Statement to current month Yes Yes*
Last two years - Form 1120S / Form 1065 / Form 1120 Federal Corporate tax returns only with all supporting schedules
Last two years – K-1's with all supporting schedules
Other Income
Retirement Benefit Award letters with proof of 3 years continuance Yes Yes*
Social Security Award Letter
Disability Award Letter
Divorce Decree, Child Support Order & DES received payment history
Asset Documents
Checking / Saving Bank Account Statements: Bank statements for recent two consecutive months Yes Yes*
Gift Funds:
  • Completely filled Gift letter signed by the donor.
  • Donor's bank statement
Yes No
Retirement Accounts / Stocks and Bonds
  • Recent statement covering minimum of 60 days
  • Terms and Conditions of Withdrawal confirming sufficient access to withdraw funds whenever required
Yes Yes*
Transaction Specific Documents
Purchase / Sales Contract or Offer to Purchase with all Addenda (Attachments and Enclosures) Yes No
Copy of the Earnest Money Check and Receipt from the Title / Escrow company
Mortgage statements for mortgages associated with other properties owned Yes Yes*
Mortgage statements for mortgages associated with other properties owned Yes Yes*
Current Mortgage Statement(s) No Yes*
Homeowner's Insurance Declaration page reflecting annual premium
Tax Bill / Tax Certificate
Current Homeowners' Association (HOA) bill
*Not required, in case of a streamline refinance program.