Eddie Brown

Eddie Brown

- Managing Director - National Production

  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Phone: (714) 713-4053
  • Ext: 82787

    • Name: Eddie Brown
    • Profession: Managing Director - National Production.
    • Area of Exp: I’ve worked with all types of loan programs including: traditional, government, renovation, and hard money.
    • Experience: 21 Years.
    • Mail: eddie.brown@lowrates.com

    Industry Experience: Eddie Brown has 21 years of experience driving change and strategy for residential mortgage lending. He’s been involved in every aspect of the mortgage business driving change to enhance the customer experience through innovation. At age 24, Eddie had built his first online direct-to-consumer mortgage company. In 2011, Eddie Brown was brought on board to help drive productivity and growth of Emery Financial where he helped lead the company to its largest dollar production month in company history. More recently, he served as the Managing Director of Home Point Financial where he brought significant gross volume increases to both consumer direct an inside sales for wholesale production.

    In addition to various management roles that is held, Eddie has created additional mastermind groups to help his team and extended network grow their book of business. The first group he created was Wednesday Warriors, a sales training master mind where he would dive into the sales mind set on a weekly basis. The second group was 24/7 social selling master mind where he partnered with a marketing expert to bring social media marketing training to his team. This group focused on strategies and tactics that are used on social media to drive consumer engagement on social media.

    What do you care most about as a mortgage professional?
    I care most about being a trailblazer and first mover in an industry that is moving towards commoditization and automation. I want to be on the cutting edge of technology advancements, while creating a customer experience that is unrivaled. With the introduction of FinTech mortgage processes online, and an old guard of customer service focused professionals, there’s an opportunity for the right combination of both to take a foothold in the market. People want convenience and speed, but they also expect highly personalized customer experience. I want to bring my team into that gap and plant our flag there.

    Why do you care?
    People who don’t care will go the way of Blockbuster & Toys R Us. No one and no business can rest on their past success as the market is always changing. It’s my duty to my family and my team to be on the forefront of change.

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